Back to School, Ring the Bell – Ch. 2

A quick announcement before today’s chapter: I created a Twitter profile, @zillahwrites, to share when a new blog post is live, as well as writing articles I find interesting and behind-the-scenes stuff. I’d love if you followed me. 😊

Also, I’m so excited because a story I’ve been co-writing with Dizzy for months is finally finished! It’s a crossover with her wonderful Teardrop Lake Resort Seminar Series, and you can read it here. (Just a note, there are major spoilers for Of Churros and Anger Management.)


“Aren’t you supposed to be the one who comes up with the brilliant plans, Z?” I asked, frowning.

He slouched in his desk chair and crossed his arms over his chest with a heavy sigh. “Yeeeesss, I am, and it’s soooooo frustrating. That kid foils the every single strategy I’ve got. Put him in charge of fighting ISIS. They’d give up within a day, I swear.”

I rolled my eyes. “Stop sulking. You can’t get your way with everything.”

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Back to School, Ring the Bell – Ch. 1

I’m doing something a little unusual (for me) with this story. I decided to post it in chapters. If you’re the kind that doesn’t like to start WIPs for fear they won’t be finished, don’t worry. I have about forty-nine thousand words of this baby down and am putting all my focus on it until it’s done. I just don’t want to make my readers wait that long for another story. Also, comments and feedback are truly great motivation for me to buckle down and write already. 😉

Each chapter is scheduled to post at 3pm (New York time) on Sundays, so you can check back weekly for the next part. Or if you want, you can subscribe in the sidebar and get notifications for all my posts.

We pick up shortly after Of Churros and Anger Management. Enjoy!


The flight that would bring me back to Annapolis from my last summer training block took off at a tiny regional airport. Four other people sat in the only terminal with me, all of us comfortably absorbed in our phones. One guy was bobbing his head along with music from his earbuds. As for myself, I spent the time catching up on my email.

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Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Two Guys in a Tub)

Note: Takes place between You Are the Moon That Pulls Me Through the Night and The Rousing Effects of Coffee.

Zain had brought it out after dinner and set it on the coffee table in front of Seb. It was covered in pink wrapping paper with red doodles of hearts being pierced by arrows. A black ribbon tied around it held the tag in place on top. LUSH, the tag read, and SEXY FUN TIMES over another heart. Seb took one look and said, “But I didn’t get you anything!”

“You made dinner,” Zain said. “Also, this is a gift for both of us, and also also, your birthday is in four days, so consider this your pre-birthday present, and finally also, quit arguing and open it because I’m really excited to use it.” He was practically bouncing.

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Questions 2

You can read my first Questions post here. I promise I’m also working on an actual story, too. It’s a long one, so it’s taking me time

Also, an important announcement: For the past year, I’ve had a site redirect set up so if someone clicked on a link to my old site ( it would automatically bring them to my new site ( As of February 1st, that will no longer happen, so if you have any old links or bookmarks, please, please update them. Thanks!

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End of Year Review 2016

So excited to be doing my writing review of this year! You can find last year’s here.

Here are all my stories posted this year:

  1. Yuletide Treasure (5,327 words)
  2. Winter Break (18,513 words)
  3. And Love Dares You (6,855 words)
  4. Re: Moving Day and Some Questions About Seb (1,982 words)
  5. The Day of a Hundred Swats (897 words)
  6. Two Celebrations and a Trajeudi (9,501 words)
  7. The Meet Cute (9,312 words)
  8. Medical Alert (2,323 words)
  9. Scrabble: Brat Edition (686 words)
  10. A Dying Man’s Last Wish (540 words)
  11. You Are the Moon That Pulls Me Through the Night (659 words)
  12. Roots and Sprouts (24,093 words)
  13. Contain Yourself, Quint (954 words)
  14. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow (And So Say All of Us) (5,073 words)
  15. Les Chatons Roses (11,008 words)
  16. Wash & Fold (2,709 words)
  17. Doggy Yoga (418 words)
  18. Unmellow Yellow (10,412 words)
  19. The Early Bird Special (588 words)
  20. Plebes No More (2,663 words)
  21. The Morning After (4,635 words)
  22. Holding Pattern (1,719 words)
  23. You Can Quote Me On That (1,165 words)
  24. Pride and Panic (10,005 words)
  25. Driven From Distraction (2,434 words)
  26. Trouble in Paradise (20,187 words)
  27. Playing the Birthday Blues (3,481 words)
  28. Of Churros and Anger Management (22,176 words)
  29. Monkey Business (701 words)
  30. Calling the Shots (1,248 words)
  31. Merry and Bright (861 words)
  32. Midnight Kisses (15,718 words)

Total word count: 198,843
Average word count per story: 6,414

This post may contain spoilers for all of the above.

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Midnight Kisses

Note: This story wraps around the flashback section of First Christmas Eve. I recommend having that one open in another tab to read right after Theo agrees to buy gloves in this one. And yes, I know things would be so much easier if I wrote in any sort of chronological order. 😝

November 2006 — Two weeks before Thanksgiving

“Are you certain this invitation wasn’t meant to be politely declined?” Quint asked, quietly, so as not to be overheard by their young hostess, who had taken the bottle of pinot noir to the kitchen to chill. “They are your friends, and there was no need for me to come along simply because I’m staying with you.”

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Merry and Bright

I gawked. On either side of me, Mom and Quint gawked, too, only they did it more subtly.

The house—mansion, really—in front of us looked like there had been an explosion in a warehouse full of the most gaudy outdoor Christmas decorations you can imagine, and all the debris had gotten plastered to it.

Well, perhaps some of it would’ve looked nice by itself, but thrown together as it was in a hodgepodge of lights, wire-frame reindeer, snowflakes, shooting stars, nutcrackers, and one very creepy, glaring Santa head with his mouth agape….

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