How You Shine On Me

Takes place in September of 2013. Title is from the song Dance With Me by Phillip Phillips.

Zain sat on the roof shingles and looked out over the ocean. Moonlight was reflecting off the water in a million tiny droplets of silver. He studied them, then Seb lying beside him. No, he decided. Seb’s eyes were still more stunning.

Today hadn’t been anything special. Just their routine, ordinary lives in paradise. Didn’t that make it an even better time to ask?

He smiled. “Babe?”

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Introducing Platt, Myrick, and Cameron

I got a request to do an introduction post for these three, which I had already been thinking of doing myself, so I figured now was as good a time as any. ???? I’ll try to add clothing styles for them at a later date.

picture of Platt Bradley Christopher Platt  was born June 7th, 1997 on a US Navy base in Spain. He is an only child. When he was nine, his father, a SEAL, was killed in action. Platt and his mother then moved to a small town in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley to live near his paternal uncle. His mother soon became addicted to alcohol, and his uncle was abusive. As a result, Platt isolated himself socially from his peers, although he was an Eagle Scout and active member of his church. He loves kung fu movies and studying samurai. His lifelong dream is to become a SEAL like his dad. He is touchy, determined, principled, and inhibited. He got accepted to USNA in the same class as Zain and was his roommate for their Plebe Summer.

picture of myrick (and cameron)

Brian Alexander Myrick (pictured with Cameron) was born October 21st, 1992 in Jefferson City, Missouri. He has one older sister. He attended a military boarding school from ninth through twelfth grades and started USNA at age twenty. He once taught judo, and he enjoys playing pool. His skills include lock-picking and writing in shorthand, but his social skills could use some work. He is an Electrical Engineering major who will be taking a two-year civilian scholarship at Johns Hopkins before he enters the service. The best words to describe him are controlled, righteous, and “still waters run deep.” He rarely lets emotions show, except to those who know him well.

photo of CameronJustine Mae Cameron was born premature, on November 8th, 1993, in Charleston, South Carolina. She grew up in the Charleston suburbs with her two brothers (she is the middle child), and was doted on by her family, leading her to be somewhat spoiled and always demand the best, though this is tempered by her good heart. She took an interest in both medicine and the military from a young age and decided to become a Navy physician. She constantly has to prove herself in defiance of stereotypes about pretty blonde girls from the South. She enjoys a good fight but tries to show compassion to those who deserve it. With a sharp sense of humor, she likes to relax and let her guard down when she’s off-duty.

End of Year Review 2017

My 2016 review is here. Now let’s get into 2017!

My list of stories for the year:

  1. Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Two Guys in a Tub) (1,724 words)
  2. Back to School, Ring the Bell (85,439 words)
  3. S. trifasciata (or The Cure for a Black Thumb) (954 words)
  4. The Adventure of Gift-Giving (10,993 words)
  5. Anchors Aweigh (23,294 words)
  6. Share Your Silence and Unpack Your Heart (3,311 words)
  7. Just Between Us Squirrel Friends… (13,810 words)
  8. When You Whistle Upon a Star (3,067 words)
  9. Learning the Ropes (20,054 words)
  10. A Platt Family Thanksgiving (6,141 words)
  11. The Disney Diaries – Part One: Marathon Weekend (19,288 words)
  12. Time to Face the Music (838 words)
  13. Christmas Cookies (1,466 words)
  14. Lame Duck (5,021 words)
  15. #GBBO (411 words)
  16. Chart a New Course (8,947 words)

Total word count: 204,759
Average word count per story: 12,797

This post may contain spoilers for all of the above (except for Chart a New Course, because I’m sure no one’s had a chance to read it yet, lol).

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Chart a New Course

The want nearly had a physical sensation, like an itch somewhere beneath the surface of my skin. Like something was missing. Like thirst. It rose from the soles of my feet and enveloped my whole body in a desperate craving for touch, but it was strongest between my… well, there. Yeah, I got boners too, but when the want came, jerking off didn’t satisfy it. That was the scary part. And it kept getting stronger and more frequent.

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“No! Noooo!! Why are you doing that?! Oh, mes dieux, you sot!”

Theo followed the racket to the living room and stared from behind the couch as Seb threw up his hands in disgust and muttered more French at the television. On the screen, someone was pouring a white powder into a KitchenAid stand mixer as upbeat music played. The camera cut to another angle, and a woman who resembled Rachel Maddow shouted, “One hour left, bakers!”

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Lame Duck


Seb had his nose buried in a book all afternoon, from the time I came home from work until he staggered, zombie-like and still reading, to brush his teeth before bed. Its cover proclaimed it the winner of the 2016 Hugo Award, so I didn’t blame him. I did ask that he put it down during dinner. He complied, though he was in a book-trance for the entire meal. I doubt that he processed much of the conversation between Theo and I.

While he and Theo went to bed, I took Jagger out for his last walk of the night. It was perhaps fifteen minutes later that I returned to find Seb’s light shining from beneath his door.

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Christmas Cookies

“OH MY GOD, would you please remove the stick from your ass and stop fucking ruining all the fun?”

Lyra looked up from painting her high chair with green frosting. Next to her in his own chair, Griffin froze, his expression almost as terrified as it had been when Quint turned on the hand-mixer. Both of them stared at the two men in the kitchen.

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