When Life Leaves You High and Dry

This is a long one. It’s long enough to be called a novel, actually, but I prefer to think of it as a novel-length story. Like Plebe Summer, I’m hosting it in a separate PDF file. If you’re downloading using a mobile device, it is best viewed in something like the Kindle or iBooks apps. Some PDF viewers don’t support the navigation links.

When Life Leaves You High and Dry


2 thoughts on “When Life Leaves You High and Dry”

  1. I am work and can’t stop reading. I hope you have more stories this long. I blame you for not being productive. So glad I found your stories Love them.


    1. Hahah, sorry about that. I sometimes write them at work, too! I do have a tendency to write one long story a year. They sort of sneak up on me sometimes.

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