Note: Takes place at some point when they are together. Really silly. Just imagine them curled up in bed, and Seb’s kinda half-asleep while Zain plays with his phone. Then this happens. You can play along here.

“Oh oh! Babe, help me find out which Disney heroine I am with this Buzzfeed quiz!”

“Wha? Zain, for serious?”

“For super serious! Here, read out the questions and choices.”

“I was almost asleep! …Ugh, fine, stop with the pouting, I’ll do it. ‘Which trait are you most proud of? Your intelligence, your fight against injustice, you fiery attitude, your bravery, your sense of adventure, your curiosity, your maturity, your determination, or your hard-working attitude?’”

“If I say maturity, will you hit me?”

“No, but I’ll call you a liar.”

“Okay, determination, then.”

“Alright. ‘If you could have one superpower, you would have shape shifting, immortality, super strength, invisibility, telepathy, teleportation, enhanced combat skills, flight, or clairvoyance?’”

“Enhanced combat skills would be awesome, but I’m going with teleportation.”

“Really? Why?”

“So I could be with you anytime I wanted, duh.”

“…That’s… good reason. Um, okay, next question. ‘Which city embodies your spirit? Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Amsterdam, or New Orleans?’”

“Hmmm.. New York, because I also never sleep.”

“Hence why you’re making me give you a Buzzfeed quiz when it’s past my bedtime.”

“What was that, my boy?”

“Nothing! ‘Which animal are you most like? Bunny-’”




“Too bad, ‘cause I’m picking for you, and you’re a dog.”

“Awwww. Okay, I guess a dog is good too.”

“‘Pick your favorite Disney hero-’”

“Li Shang.”

“You didn’t even hear the options yet!”

“Is he an option?”


“Then Li Shang. Dude was a military guy, AND you know he fell in love with Mulan while he still thought she was a boy, so he’s at least bi. Plus he’s swift as the coursing river and all that.”

“Okay, fine. ‘Which Disney song represents you the best?’”

“Don’t even bother reading the options on that one, either. I can’t pick. That’s like Sophie’s Choice. You pick one.”

“I’m picking Go The Distance. Okay, last question. ‘Which date sounds the most ideal? Art museum, waterpark, laser tag, nice dinner, romantic walk, go dancing, concert, picnic in a garden, or cafe/bookshop?’”

“Well, let’s see… If it were up to you, I know it’d be an art museum or maybe a bookshop. If it were up to me, a waterpark or laser tag. But I think a nice compromise would be the romantic walk, right?”

“Sounds good to me. Okay, so your Disney heroine is-”

“WAIT! Drumroll! This is a very important announcement, y’know. Ba-rum-bum-bum-bum!”

“…Can I say it now?”


“It says ‘You are Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire! You are a true warrior, fierce and determined to fight for what you believe in! You are passionate about your interests and roots and will face any adversity to achieve your goals.’ Which is… scarily accurate, actually.”

“Wow, it is. Let’s find out who you are!”

“Zain, NO. Go to SLEEP.”

2 thoughts on “Buzzfeed”

    1. 🙂 I wish Buzzfeed still did quizzes like this. Now they don’t give you a description, just the name of who you match, which isn’t nearly as fun.

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