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Q: What are your siblings like?

Seb: I have two older sisters and an older brother. In order, their names are Keegan, Dax, and Quinn.

Keegan and Quinn are similar in the rapid-fire way they talk–sometimes they even finish each other’s sentences–but Keegan is more nerdy and scientific, while Quinn tends to follow her heart rather than her mind, I’d say. She’s passionate and very hard to sway once she’s decided her opinion on something. Kee listens to reason better. Also, You’d think with Keegan being the oldest, she’d be the bossiest of us four, but that’s definitely Quinn. Kee used to let us do whatever when she was left in charge. That’s how Dax got the scar on his chin.

Dax is almost the opposite of me. He’s a minor-league baseball player and, because that doesn’t pay hardly anything, he also does landscaping work and any other kind of outdoorsy-work he can find. (Well, except being a lifeguard. He tried, but he can’t sit still for that long.) He dates a new girl every other week, it seems like. And he’ll eat anything on a dare. That’s how he got his stomach pumped when he was fifteen.

They’re all very loud, active, nosy, and protective of me.

Oh, and I do love them, despite all that.

Q: When was the time you were the most frightened?

Zain: The first time I had to help Seb with a really bad low, a can’t-talk-or-think-properly low, when we were alone, with none of his family to take over.

We were both sixteen and out for a hike in the woods when his glucose crashed hard. I had Swedish Fish that I tried giving him because I couldn’t find his tabs, and he kept spitting them out and getting mad at me for putting them in his mouth.

Later, he told me that was because his sugar-deprived brain told him they were real fish and he thought I was trying to force him to give up vegetarianism, which is kinda funny now. At the time, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get us both to somewhere with cell service so I could call 911. Another pair of hikers happened by with a cooler full of soda before it got that bad, thankfully.

Q: When and with whom was your first kiss?

Quint: I was a late-bloomer, at eighteen. For about three years prior, I had been going to a community group for LGBT youth about twice a month. There was a guy about my age, named Kevin. He had dark hair and a thick Boston accent. I don’t remember much else about how he looked. I’m not positive, but I think, looking back, he must have had a crush or shown some interest in me beforehand. It’s difficult for me to spot that at times.

In any case, my last meeting of the group before departing for college, I went around to say goodbye to everyone, and he asked if we could talk privately. I agreed, so we went into a small room that was basically a coat closet, and he stuttered through something to the effect of, “This is my last chance to do this, and I hope you don’t mind, um, can I kiss you?”

I was a bit shocked, but I nodded, and he did. Fireworks did not happen. Do they for anyone’s very first kiss?

Then someone came in to get their coat, and he jerked away from me and tried to act as though nothing had happened. I believe I told him if he was ever near Harvard, we could meet up, but we never did.

Q: Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted?

Theo: Um… well, I’m not sure I have a “normal” day, but it’s usually some combination of this:

  1. Half-wake up when Quint gets out of bed to go running. Fall back asleep and really wake up after he’s left for work (or when the smell of breakfast wakes me, on weekends, but let’s focus on weekdays for this).

  2. Drink coffee (v. important!)

  3. Shower, eat, brush teeth, etc.

  4. Practice guitar or watch tv or both for a couple of hours. Maybe play my synth or compose a little. Depends on if Seb is home, too, because I try not to be too noisy when he’s studying. Sometimes he watches TV with me or does art while I play, though. Sometimes I teach Jagger tricks or reinforce the old ones he knows.

  5. Go to the studio for a recording session or go busking or go looking for gigs or… look, there’s a lot of different things a musician does on any given day, so yeah… depends. Jagger comes with me almost always though.

  6. Probably swing by Zeg’s on the way home and say hi to the monkeys.

  7. Try to get home by supper time…. or in time to make it, if it’s my turn. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and Quint does Eyebrows at me via text.

  8. Catch up with Quint and Seb about their days while we cook/eat/clean up.

  9. Leave for a gig, if I have one. If not, more composing or practice or fiddling with my website, usually. Until screens-off time, that is.

  10. Bed.

I roll with disruptions, for the most part. They break up the monotony, y’know?

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