“Biology” is Another Word for Hell

One of my favorite musicals, Spring Awakening, has a song in it called Totally Fucked. The opening lines have always struck a chord with me.

There’s a moment you know
you’re fucked
Not an inch more room
to self-destruct

I’m telling you this because I had one of those moments today.

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In my defense, I hadn’t slept much the night before. I get days every once in a while when I just can’t fall asleep, and I’m always in a bad mood the next day if I miss more than two hours. Usually when I’m like that, Quint will just tell me to go take a nap. This time he decided it would be better if we went to a movie.

So you see, really, it’s all his fault. If he’d just been a proper Top and ordered his cranky Brat to bed, none of it would have happened. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have put up a fight about the nap. I’ll fight about the sky being blue, when I get into that mood, but it probably wouldn’t have turned out as bad as it did.

But maybe I should start from the beginning. Zeggy’s always telling me I start stories in the middle and confuse the hell out of her.

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Curb The Attitude

Don’t get me wrong. I love Quint. When I contemplate being without him (which I don’t do very often), my chest gets really tight and I tend to get clingy with him for a few hours until the feeling goes away. Everything in my life has gotten immeasurably better since he came along.

But sometimes, he is really fuckin’ annoying.

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Introducing Quint and Theo

picture of TheoTheodore William Calhoun (born August 3, 1983) grew up in New York City in a very traditional Catholic family, but he’s now agnostic. He and his father have been estranged since he came out at seventeen; fortunately, his mother is still close. Theo was diagnosed with AD/HD when he was seven, so his first few years in school were rough, but he tested well enough to be accepted into a prestigious magnet school. After graduating, he went to NYU as a music major on a full scholarship, but had trouble managing all of his school work and his social life, and lost the scholarship after three semesters. When he met Quint he was 23 and living with his best friend while playing gigs with his band. He’s average height with a slightly lean frame, and he has messy auburn hair, hazel eyes, and is usually in need of a shave. His AD/HD is now better controlled, but he’s still naturally an active and outgoing guy and hides his insecurities with a wicked sense of humor and a talent for performing.


picture of QuintQuint’s birth name is Rafferty Leopold Hanniford V, but he prefers the nickname he picked up in his New England boarding school. He was born on September 19, 1966 to a Boston Brahmin family, although he and his parents aren’t close. He works as a pediatric pulmonologist at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. He’s reserved around new people, and has a tendency to be set in his ways and slightly inhibited, but he’s a natural with kids. He was on the rowing team at his prep school and at Harvard, and still has the body to show it: tall and powerfully built. He’s 41 when the series starts, and has curly black hair that’s graying around the temples, and blue eyes. He usually wears black horn-rimmed glasses. He’s a firm Top, but it’s difficult to actually annoy him.


picture of JaggerA soft-coated Wheaten terrier named Jagger shows up for Christmas one year. He’s energetic, but very well trained, thanks to Quint’s consistent approach. Theo likes to take him busking around the city when the weather’s nice, and Jagger gets more money tossed into his food bowl than Theo gets in his guitar case.