Ask Them Anything: Platt, Myrick, and Cameron

This follows the same basic premise as my other Ask Me Anything posts, but this time I’m opening it up to blog readers to ask more questions in the comments. I’ll update the post with new answers and also reply to your comment to let you know. If you want ideas for questions, try googling character development worksheets. Now on to the questions they’ve already answered! 😀

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Questions 2

You can read my first Questions post here. I promise I’m also working on an actual story, too. It’s a long one, so it’s taking me time

Also, an important announcement: For the past year, I’ve had a site redirect set up so if someone clicked on a link to my old site ( it would automatically bring them to my new site ( As of February 1st, that will no longer happen, so if you have any old links or bookmarks, please, please update them. Thanks!

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End of Year Review 2016

So excited to be doing my writing review of this year! You can find last year’s here.

Here are all my stories posted this year:

  1. Yuletide Treasure (5,327 words)
  2. Winter Break (18,513 words)
  3. And Love Dares You (6,855 words)
  4. Re: Moving Day and Some Questions About Seb (1,982 words)
  5. The Day of a Hundred Swats (897 words)
  6. Two Celebrations and a Trajeudi (9,501 words)
  7. The Meet Cute (9,312 words)
  8. Medical Alert (2,323 words)
  9. Scrabble: Brat Edition (686 words)
  10. A Dying Man’s Last Wish (540 words)
  11. You Are the Moon That Pulls Me Through the Night (659 words)
  12. Roots and Sprouts (24,093 words)
  13. Contain Yourself, Quint (954 words)
  14. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow (And So Say All of Us) (5,073 words)
  15. Les Chatons Roses (11,008 words)
  16. Wash & Fold (2,709 words)
  17. Doggy Yoga (418 words)
  18. Unmellow Yellow (10,412 words)
  19. The Early Bird Special (588 words)
  20. Plebes No More (2,663 words)
  21. The Morning After (4,635 words)
  22. Holding Pattern (1,719 words)
  23. You Can Quote Me On That (1,165 words)
  24. Pride and Panic (10,005 words)
  25. Driven From Distraction (2,434 words)
  26. Trouble in Paradise (20,187 words)
  27. Playing the Birthday Blues (3,481 words)
  28. Of Churros and Anger Management (22,176 words)
  29. Monkey Business (701 words)
  30. Calling the Shots (1,248 words)
  31. Merry and Bright (861 words)
  32. Midnight Kisses (15,718 words)

Total word count: 198,843
Average word count per story: 6,414

This post may contain spoilers for all of the above.

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New Blog, New Features!

Hi, all!

You may have noticed some major changes around here. I’m now self-hosting my blog! (That means much greater control over how it looks and functions. WOOOO!) I also have my very own domain name, so no more, it’s just 😀 For the next year, the old URL will redirect to the new one, but I’d still appreciate if you could update your bookmarks and links.

Now for the added features!

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End of Year Review 2015

I’ve not done one of these before because I haven’t written enough in a year until now. Just thought it might be fun and give me encouragement moving forward. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do one next year, too.

I’m including only things in the “stories” tag from the past year, which are:

  1. Plebe Summer (47,526 words)
  2. The Root of The Root (1,442 words)
  3. Let Your Heart Be Next To Mine (1,517 words)
  4. Buzzfeed (481 words)
  5. Mouse in the House (653 words)
  6. Slippahs (727 words)
  7. Graduation Day (1,958 words)
  8. Love Wins (2,366 words)
  9. Ceci n’est pas une Pipe (669 words)
  10. Changing Horses Midstream (1,373 words)
  11. Theek Pique (720 words)
  12. The Rousing Effects of Coffee (349 words)
  13. When Life Leaves You High and Dry (113,083 words)
  14. Dress Blues (1,046 words)
  15. Angels and Demons (13,976 words)
  16. Something To Be Thankful For (5,711 words)
  17. Bugging Out (9,028 words)
  18. The Trauma of Painting (1,473 words)
  19. Saved By the Jingle Bells (508 words)

Total word count: 204,606
Average word count per story: 10,767

This post may contain mild spoilers for all of the above.

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Questions 1

Note: These are similar to my “ask me anything” posts, except that the group asks questions for any of our characters to answer. Therefore, not all characters answer all questions.

Q: Do you ever borrow your partner’s clothes?

Zain: Seb says his clothes are too tight on me. Personally, I don’t see why that’s a problem. He doesn’t like me stretching them out, though, so I stopped borrowing them. His loose yoga pants could probably fit me, but I love the way those look on him way too much to take them for myself.

Theo: Quint has this one ancient Harvard sweatshirt that’s all torn at the cuffs and bleach-stained, and I refuse to let him throw it out because it’s the only thing I like wearing when I’m sick. I’m not sure it could be called his anymore. I’m the only one who wears it.

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I’m Quint Hanniford. Ask me anything.

Note: These “Ask me anything” posts (inspired by Reddit) are created when I post as a character and invite other group members to ask questions.

Q: What was your first impression of Zain?

A: My first thought when I saw him over Skype was Good grief, he’s young. I knew beforehand that he was a college student like Seb, and of course Tops can be any age, but I was still taken aback, by that and by his boyish manners. However, it was obvious how much he loved Seb, and the more he joked about the situation, the more relaxed Seb became. They complement each other well.

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