Ask Them Anything: Platt, Myrick, and Cameron

This follows the same basic premise as my other Ask Me Anything posts, but this time I’m opening it up to blog readers to ask more questions in the comments. I’ll update the post with new answers and also reply to your comment to let you know. If you want ideas for questions, try googling character development worksheets. Now on to the questions they’ve already answered! 😀

Myrick and Cameron, did you come from religious families, and if so what religion?

Myrick: If asked, my parents would say they’re Christian, but I believe it’s only nominally. I was raised without any sort of religion as a part of my daily life.

Cameron: Yes, we went to church every Sunday. The Circular Church in Charleston, to be specific, and I still consider myself a member and listen to their worship podcast, although I can only worship there physically when I go home. It’s part of the United Church of Christ.

Platt, did you have a pet as a child?

I had a guinea pig that someone gave me as an Easter present when I was four. His name was Cadbury, because he was chocolate brown with a spot of white on his forehead, like a Cadbury Creme Egg with some cream leaking out. He lived about six years. After that, I didn’t have any pets. It was hard enough taking care of myself and my mom. I didn’t need something else to look after.

Myrick, what is your favorite meal to eat?

Chili, the spicier the better. I also like a good burger with fries. Both of these aren’t something I eat regularly, though. I try to be healthy.

Myrick, do you have a quote or motto you live by?

“What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.” – Aristotle

Cameron, what made you decide to become a doctor? Did you have an experience that made you decide to help others?

I don’t think there was a specific experience. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always just felt drawn to healing. I would put bandaids on my Barbie dolls more often than I changed their clothes. I believe it’s God’s calling for me.

Platt, how do rainy days make you feel?

Anxious. My mom… gloomy days are hard for her.

Is there a particular sleeping arrangement? For example, is Bradley in the middle?

Platt: *turns pink.* Um…

Myrick: We haven’t reached the point of sleeping in the same bed yet.

Cameron: We’ll figure it out when we get there. I like the idea of taking turns in the middle, though.

What makes you feel confident and whole?

Myrick: Being the one calling the shots, in control of myself and my environment. That makes me confident. Wholeness is more elusive, but I believe I am getting closer.

Cameron: I’d say I’m naturally pretty confident in most situations. When my confidence is shaken, taking action to correct whatever the problem is helps most. As for what makes me feel whole, I’ll tell you the wholest I’ve ever felt was when Bradley agreed to date Brian and I, and we all shared a hug.

Platt: Making it through Plebe Summer gave me a lot of confidence that I have what it takes. Most of that was down to Mohyeldin’s help, though. When I think of wholeness, I remember riding in the backseat of a car at night on my way home from something with my parents, watching the street lights pass overhead. That sounds dumb.

When are you most happy? Doing what kinds of things?

Myrick: Alone, going camping in the woods. With others, teaching them something and seeing them grow.

Cameron: Dancing. Volunteering my time in service of others. Proving I’m just as good as the guys—and sometimes better. Having great sex.

Platt: I guess just hanging out with Mohyeldin and JJ, and sometimes Nak and Diaz. Plus the nights when Brian and I can Skype with Justine.

Are military careers part of your family history?

Myrick: No. It certainly wasn’t what my parents expected when they sent me to military school.

Cameron: Yes, my granddaddy and grandma met in WWII. He was a soldier and she was an Army Nurse. I take after her in looks, too. Farther back, we had people on both sides of the Civil War, and I know the name of at least one ancestor in the Revolution.

Platt: My dad was the first person in the military in my family, I think.

How do you feel when people come up and thank you for your service?

Myrick: I tell them I don’t feel I’ve served yet. I’ve never been deployed.

Cameron: A bit embarrassed, unless they happen to have a little girl with them. Then I feel proud for being a role model to her.

Platt: Um… hasn’t happened yet with me. When people thanked my dad, though, I always felt like he was the coolest person alive.

What about yourself do you consider either your biggest flaw, or the thing you’re trying to improve about yourself that you find most difficult?

Myrick: My temper, and the violent tendencies it brings out in me.

Cameron: Can I skip this question? …Fine. I guess sometimes I may be a bit self-indulgent and have an entitled attitude. I honestly don’t notice it until it’s pointed out to me, and then I feel terrible. Have you ever read A Little Princess? I feel like Sara does when she realizes how coddled she was before she lost her wealth.

Platt: I’m trying to trust more. It’s hard when most people don’t give you any reason to.

What do you consider your partners’ biggest strengths?

Myrick: Justine’s determination and humor. Bradley’s courage and strong ethics.

Cameron: Bradley is a true gentleman with me, chivalrous through and through. With Brian, his natural leadership skills inspire something halfway between admiration and jealousy. I have to work at it, and he makes it look so effortless.

Platt: They’re both amazing. I still don’t know what they see in me.

Myrick and Cameron, do you practice discipline and if so, how did it come about? How do you feel about disciplining Bradley?

Cameron: I have absolutely no interest in discipline and think it would be the opposite of helpful for me, so no, we don’t practice it with each other. I’ll let Brian answer the second part.

Myrick: I’m nervous. I haven’t even broached the subject with him yet. Mohyeldin swears he’s a Brat, but until I hear that from Bradley, I can’t be certain. It’ll be new to both of us. I hope I don’t make mistakes that can’t be corrected.

Myrick and Cameron, how did you know you wanted a threesome with Bradley?

Myrick: Triad, not threesome. A threesome is a sex act. A triad is a relationship.

Cameron: *rolls her eyes* He’s more pedantic about that than me, but I do prefer “triad” as well. To answer your question, we sort of figured it was the best solution when we discovered that we both had massive feelings for Bradley and for each other at the same time. Any other option would leave us miserable.

Cameron, if you have no interest in discipline, then will you be watching from the sidelines, so to speak, if Myrick and Bradley do practice it?

No. I suppose there might be times when I can’t avoid seeing it, but I won’t go out of my way to watch.

For all, what do you think is your biggest fear?

Myrick: Hurting someone unintentionally.

Cameron: Fear of failure is what motivates me in most things. I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Platt: Caring about someone and then losing them.

Myrick, when did you first realize you liked Bradley?

It was during the first private judo lesson I gave him. Naturally, judo involves a lot of touching, but I was making up excuses to repeat throws he already had down, just to be in contact with him more.

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  1. What a cool follow up! I hope to see more!

    Cameron, if you have no interest in discipline, then will you be watching from the sidelines, so to speak, if Myrick and Bradley do practice it?

    For all, what do you think is your biggest fear?

    Myrick, when did you first realize you liked Bradley?

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